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How to Become a Friend

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After attending Meeting for Worship for some time, an individual might be interested in becoming a Member of the Religious Society of Friends, Orchard Park Friends Meeting. The process is a fairly straightforward one, and it often comes after a time of seeking. Quaker Meeting and Quaker Worship may feel like home.

The process involves:

  1. Writing a letter requesting membership and telling why you would like to join, addressed to the Clerk of the Meeting (Chuck Zelasko). The letter doesn’t need to be long; just a few sentences with the request and why are sufficient. The letter can be emailed to or mailed to Orchard Park Friends Meeting, 6924 East Quaker St., Orchard Park NY 14127

  2. You will then meet with a group of Orchard Park Friends that you have chosen (called a “clearness committee”) to discuss the possibility and see if you have any questions. If you have any questions now, please reach out to anyone who attends Orchard Park Friends Meeting.