Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
A Quaker Congregation near Buffalo, New York


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In a nutshell, our branch of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) believe that everyone can have direct communication with the Spirit / God. We also believe that there is something of God in everyone, sometimes called the Light within. We do not have a pastor/minister/priest. All of our members can minister. Over time, we have come to adopt a series of testimonies that not only reflect our beliefs but act as guideposts for how we live. They are:

  • Simplicity: Focusing on what is truly important and letting other things fall away

  • Peace: Seeking Justice and healing for all people; taking away the causes of war in the way we live

  • Integrity: Living as whole people who act on what we believe, tell the truth and do what we say we will do

  • Community: Supporting one another in our faith journeys and in times of joy and sorrow; supporting our neighbors in the wider community

  • Equality: Treating everyone, everywhere is equally precious to God; recognizing that everyone has gifts to share

  • Stewardship of the Earth: Valuing and respecting all of God's creation; using only our fair share of the earth's resources; working for policies that protect the planet