Oread Friends Meeting

"Friends, meet together and know one another in that which is eternal, which was before the world was."
-- George Fox, 1698

Welcome to Oread Friends. We gather weekly to build a spiritual community that listens in expectant silence to leadings from the divine (which some refer to as God or the Light within) and, out of the guidance received, works on behalf of peace and justice. If this approach meets your needs, we encourage you to visit and get to know us better.

Oread Friends Meeting is located in Lawrence, Kansas, affiliated with Friends General Conference and Missouri Valley Friends Conference.  The Meeting is an open and affirming place of worship; visitors are very welcome. The meeting house is wheelchair accessible; childcare is provided.

Quakers believe that the same Spirit or Inner Light that inspired holy scriptures and sacred thought throughout history continues to work in the lives of individuals today. While affirming God's witness in the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, we also acknowledge that the Light, the Spirit of Love, has been made manifest in other teachings, and we are open to the possibility of continuing divine revelation. Beyond this, Friends attempt to respect the integrity of each individual's beliefs and do not require conformity to an established creed or prescribed statement of belief. We recognize that there is something of God's spirit in all of us.

When our unprogrammed fellowship meets for worship, we do not rely on priests, clergy, or leaders. Instead, the meeting for worship grows out of living silence, one in which the clamor of everyday life is stilled and we can listen to the Spirit within. There may be brief messages of vocal ministry from any person present. When thus seeking the Inner Light consistently, we can at all times and in any place sense the eternal which is behind the succession of ordinary events.

This is for us the sacramental life which need not be marked by outward rites. This attitude involves an attempt to enact literally the command to love God and one another. We also realize the necessity for deep devotion that goes beyond inward reflection and finds outward expression in taking responsibility for social and environmental concerns through community participation, action, and service.

We welcome you to Oread Friends Meeting. We hope you will choose to become part of the spiritual and activist community that we share.

"There is a principle which is pure, placed in the human mind, which in different places and ages hath different names; it is, however, pure and proceeds from God. It is deep and inward, confined to no forms of religion nor excluded from any where the heart stands in perfect sincerity." -- John Woolman, 1762

What's New

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05/01/2017 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Please join Oread Friends Meeting and Lawrence Coalition with Peace and Justice on Monday, May 1, 2017, at 6:30 pm for the dedication of a new Peace Pole in Centennial Park (Park Shelter West, 600 Rockledge Road, Lawrence, KS).

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04/30/2017 - 11:15am to 12:00pm

A Little Free Library has been erected by Oread Friends Meeting in celebration of the late Deborah (Misty) Gerner, a passionate reader, beloved member of Oread Friends Meeting, and editor of When the Rains Return: Toward Justice and Reconciliation


The Common Ground Program is a community gardening and urban agriculture program created by the City of Lawrence in 2012. The Common Ground Program’s goal is to transform vacant or under-utilized city properties into vibrant sites of healthy food production for our citizens. The Oread Friends Garden/Farm is a proud project site.


Oread Friends Meeting is now sponsoring a Friends Friday Film series, showing movies with peace and justice concerns three-times a year at the Meeting House.  


The Series will continue in the Fall of 2017

On Saturday, November 28, Oread Friends Meeting displayed the following advertisement in the Lawrence Journal-World.

Some Quaker quotes, long and short, that may be less familiar than those we have been looking at thus far. I can track down dates, etc. if we want to use any of them (or a part of one) for the new brochure or in our advertisements.


Worship with us!

Oread Friends Meeting
1146 Oregon Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
United States
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10:00 A.M., every First Day (Sunday)
Childcare provided; wheelchair accessible
Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business: 11:00 A.M., first First Day