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Quaker Business Meeting

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Business meeting feels like a special calling that Quakers carry for the rest of the catholic church and the rest of the world.  You get a sense of that high calling in this description of the Quaker business meeting that comes from a paper that Eden Grace, a member of New England Yearly Meeting and on staff at Friends United Meeting, presented before the World Council of Churches.  It is interesting to note that Carlisle Monthly Meeting contributed money to a special fund so that FUM would retain its membership in the World Council of Churches, as FUM Friends could not unite in support of that membership.  Here is the link to that paper on Quaker business meeting  

You will also find information on Quaker Business Meeting in our Faith and Practice, but it's scattered throughout.  Here is a more succinct, nuts and bolts description that comes from Glasgow, Scotland meeting: Quaker Business meeting.  

Between these two, you should get a pretty good idea of how ideally we make decisions together.