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2021Penn Valley Committees

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2020 Committees for Penn Valley Friends

Clerk: Angelika Shafer

Recording Clerk: Karin McAdams

Treasurer: Shirley Scritchfield

Ministry & Counsel: Ann Sophia Marshall, Karin McAdams, Dan Robidoux, Shirley Scritchfield, Jon Shafer, and Angelika Shafer (ex officio)

Finance Committee: Karin McAdams, Lori Morgan, Dan Robidoux, and Shirley Scritchfield

Auditor: Lori Morgan

Program Committee: Peggy Frantz, Rich Kaufman, Rachel MacNair, and Karin McAdams

Peace & Social Concerns: Peggy Frantz, Kai McCoy, Jan Powell, and Chris Roesel

House Upkeep Committee: Sharon Eiker, Reace Eiker, Dan Robidoux, Jon Shafer

Historical Committee: Peggy Frantz, Rachel MacNair, Jan Powell, and Chloe Wagner

First Day School: None appointed

Library: Karin McAdams

Website: Shirley Scritchfield

Archivist/Recorder: Karin McAdams and Shirley Scritchfield

Homelessness Project: Sharon Eiker and Reace Eiker

Newsletter: Karin McAdams

IYMC Representatives: Jan Powell and Shirley Scritchfield

IYMC Ministry & Counsel: Sharon Eiker and Angelika Shafer

IYMC Nominations Committee: Shirley Scritchfield

2020 IYMC Entertainment Committee: Sharon Eiker, Karin McAdams, Jan Powell, Angelika Shafer, and Shirley Scritchfield