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Thank you to Ujima Friends Peace Center for Hosting July 2018 Quarterly Meeting!

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In case you missed the July 2018 Philadelphia Quarter Meeting...

The Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting on July 22nd, 2018 was an amazing, spirit filled gathering. Hosted at and by the Ujima Friends Peace Center, the event was filled with Spirit - in worship, in hospitality, program and business. A large turnout swelled the Worship room, and many F/friends stayed for a bountiful spread, and an inspiring presentation. Dr. Ayesha Imani shared the remarkable achievements of the Ujima Friends Peace Center in its first year, grounded in Spirit, created collaboratively, with and for the local community. Worship for Business followed productively and the meeting concluded on an uplifted note.

For more information, see the July 22, 2018 PQM at Ujima Events Page. Minutes to be posted.