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Update on PQM at Chestnut Hill Friends on April 28, 2019 - with Draft Minutes

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Photos show: Friends' deliberating over the Statement at the end of a long discernment, Betsey Robertson and children with their eco-recycling watering plant containers, and a participant in the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network speaking to PQM

This meeting celebrated transitions in the season and in Quarter service  - Join us in welcoming Anthony Stover as our new Quarter clerk! 

...and many thanks to Hollister Knowlton for her dedicated service to the Philadelphia Quarter. After worship, our wonderful hosts, Chestnut Hill Friends offered a bountiful spread of delicious food that nurtured fellowship before delving into spiritual business and social concerns.

The Program: Rachel Falkove, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network gave an enlightening presentation on the growing homeless population and the unique gap that PIHN fills, by supporting families who do not have their own shelter.  We learned about the multiple challenges our neighbors face as they try to stay together as  families and move toward stability.  

Thank you CHFM for the work you do with PIHN! : “Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) seeks to end family homelessness in Philadelphia by mobilizing congregational volunteers and community resources to meet neighbors’ emergency needs (shelter, food, and clothing); and by providing continued guidance and support to achieve self-­‐sufficiency in affordable housing.”

We encourage monthly meetings to contact Rachel Falkove at (215) 247 – 4663 and find out how to become involved. PIHN provides much of the supplies, faith organizations mostly need to provide shelter during the evening. Learn more  

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business:

The Spirit was alive and moving at the Philadelphia Quarter. The agenda included:

An update on EMIR's School Book Bag Supply Drive. This vital project of EMIR (Every Murder is Real) is supported by Green Street Friends Meeting and supports Philadelphia students and families who are affected by gun violence. PQM endorses the Religious Service of Friend Victoria Green, founder of EMIR, a nonprofit that directly supports families impacted by the trauma of homicide. To contribute, please visit:  Learn More About EMIR

Updates on the Quarter's minute of concern (regarding PYM Multicultural Audit and Friends General Conference Report on Institutional Racism) that was raised at PYM Continuing Session (March 24, 2019).

Friends discussed how these concerns are unfolding in our monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings. From this rich worshipful discussion and discernment, a 3 part statement / minute emerged, which has been circulated for seasoning.

Please see the Draft Minutes from PQM April 2019 (online version) to be approved at our next PQM meeting on July 21st, 2019 at CPMM. Also see the PQM Statement from April 28, 2019. As a reference, you can read the Approved Minutes from PQM January 2019 (online version) approved April 28th, 2019.

We as Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting persist in asking how we as Quakers in our meetings can become authentically inclusive and to understand and challenge structural racism as we continue to love each other.

Discussion and approval of the new budget.

Our heartfelt thanks to Chestnut Hill Friends for their commitment to providing loving childcare program. Although this service was minimally used, the children had a wonderful time with Meg Mitchell and Betsey Robertson!

Photos: PQM deliberating over the Statement at the end of a long discernment,  Betsey Robertson and children with eco-recycling watering plant containers, and Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network representative speaking to PQM.