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Change is in the Air! April 25, 2021 - Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting

Join Friends Across the Quarter! The Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting is gathering on 4th Sunday, April 25, 2021 by Zoom video conferencing. COME for SOME or ALL the day!

Pre-registration is required. CLICK here!  After registering you will receive two links: the LINK for Morning worship & fellowship with West Philly Friends AND the LINK for Afternoon for PQM Spring Session in your confirmation email! 


Morning with our hosts:

  • 10:30  AM Meeting for Worship with our hosts, West Philadelphia Friends Meeting
  • 11:30  AM Announcements and Fellowship with WPFM in small groups (Zoom)

Afternoon session with Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting:

  • 12:45 PM   Early Sign in and settle in. Bring your own refreshments.
  • 1 - 2   PM   Host Program: Discover West Philadelphia Friends Meeting and their Work and Nurture (see details below)
  • 2 - 4   PM   Worshipful Business - Focus on the Way Forward !

Spirit-Led Business of the Quarter: There is SO much going on right now in the Philadelphia Quarter!

After the toughest year (and going) in many of our life times, we are still enduring but there is a sense of hope that the endless flood of challenges will abate, revealing both a world changed and some things we cherish still abiding. Let us consider what we have learned and our way forward as individuals, as families, as citizens and communities of faith.

Quarter business - The clerk's agenda for this spring session is a call to all of us: What does Spirit call for us to do? What matters? How can the Quarter care for you and all of us for each other and the world? What is the work and the way forward?


The Agenda and advanced documents that are ready for viewing are linked below:

1. Draft Agenda for April 25, 2021 Session

2. January 24, 2021  Minutes to be approved.

3. Proposed Budget for FY 2021- 22  to be approved.

4. Report on the Spiritual State of the Philadelphia Quarter

5. Clerk presentation and discussion of The Way Forward - plan for PQM in next year

6. Report on the PQM Presents: Recording Clerk Workshop (April 17, 2021)

Host Program: "Sharing the Awesomeness that is West Philly Friends Meeting!"

Description: WPFM members and attenders will (1) describe their unique preparative meeting under the care of Green St. Friends Meeting and (2) lead an interactive discussion, with small break out groups, on how Monthly Meeting supports individual and group engagement with the world. 

We will discuss our community-based work including our Demolishing White Supremacy group, our Spiritual Nurture program, and clearness committees as well as our Meeting’s support for individual leadings. (Subject to the movement of the Spirit among us.)


Many thanks to our host, West Philadelphia Friends Meeting for sharing your gifts with the Philadelphia Quarter Meeting! West Philadelphia Friends Meeting is a preparative meeting under the care of Green Street Monthly Meeting. Preparative meetings are a unique type of worship group in the Friends tradition, and we can all learn a great deal by learning more about them.

WPFM is known for its value of its special quality of worship, unique flavor of friendship, and both its intimate size and extended network of friends who travel across states and countries.

Sunday, April 25, 2021 - 10:30am to 4:00pm
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