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Join us April 24 for Celebrating the Possibilities: Quaker Life in the Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly Meetings

When we gather as Friends, we seek to become a beloved community together — a place where we help each other up with a tender hand, deepen our spiritual lives, work together toward justice, and allow ourselves to be changed.

Do we experience this when we come together as a yearly meeting, a quarterly meeting, and in our monthly meetings?

What role does each of these communities play?

Melissa Rycroft will lead the discussion. She brings her unique perspective as rising clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and former clerk of Upper Susquehanna Quarterly Meeting to consider how our various meetings foster community. Cooperation among them, she suggests, can be key to enriching the life of all three.

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Quarterly Meeting Schedule

10:30AM  Worship (Hybrid)
     Come in person to Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting or join by Zoom.

     Meeting house will not be available for the afternoon.

1PM to ~2PM  Celebrating the Possibilities (Zoom)

~2PM to 4PM Business Meeting (Zoom)

4PM  Fare thee well

Hosted by Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting

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Sunday, April 24, 2022 - 10:30am to 4:00pm
Eastern Daylight Time
Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting for worship time only
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