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- of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends -

Who & What is PQM?

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We Friends, also called Quakers, organize ourselves in local congregations. These are usually called a friends meeting, Quaker meeting, or monthly meeting (because they meet for business once a month; they gather for worship weekly or more often).

We have a larger, regional organization called Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, thus called because it historically met to conduct business once a year. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is divided into thirteen Quarterly Meetings which typically meet to conduct business four times a year.

Local congregations are part of the Yearly Meeting and are also part of the Quarterly Meeting where Friends meet to share and support each other in a smaller geographic area than the Yearly Meeting.

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting includes these Quaker meetings within the City of Philadelphia:

  • Central Philadelphia 
  • Chestnut Hill 
  • Frankford 
  • Germantown 
  • Green Street 
  • Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia -- also called Arch Street Monthly Meeting
  • Unity 
  • West Philadelphia (a preparative meeting under the care of Green Street)

PQM Servant Leadership Team

Presiding clerk Kathleen Karhnak-Glasby
Mentoring Clerk Phil Anthony
Rising Clerk Open
Treasurer Open
Recording Clerk Team Open
Nominating Committee PQM officers plus PQM Representatives

If you want to contribute your gifts in service to the Quarterly Meeting as a representative, an officer, or to help with an event or focus area, send an email to us or give a call! 

Contact Us!

Mailing Address: Friends Center at 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 
Telephone: (215) 990-3196
Hours: M-W 9-2
Coordinator:  L. Lanza


PQM Mission Statement

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting is a representative body of local Friends meetings and exists to serve those meetings and the institutions under its care.

It does so by holding periodic Meetings for Business relevant to those meetings and institutions, lifting up member meeting events and ministries, and facilitating intercommunication to foster community.

In accordance with Faith and Practice, Quarterly Meeting serves as the body through which minutes of concern from Monthly Meetings are received, discerned, seasoned and approved for eventual consideration by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

 (approved 10/24/2021)

Worship with Monthly Meetings in Phila Quarterly Meeting  Please note that due to COVID, many are all online. Visit their web site for information.

Quarterly Meeting gathers 4 times a year!  See the calendar for the upcoming dates and times and hosts.

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