Hold the date for 2020 PFF PFYM Annual Sessions and Retreat - March 27th-29th

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Please let your members and attenders know the date for the 2020 PFF PFYM Annual Sessions and Retreat which will take place on the last weekend of March 27th-29th at Carolina Friends School.

More details will follow shortly, but I wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to mark their calendars in the hope that meetings do not schedule competing events. The planned daily schedule for the spring event will be as follows:

Registration would start at 3 PM, and Friday afternoon workshops would begin at 3:30 and 4:30. We will invite Quaker House and Quaker Earthcare Witness, FGC, and FCNCL to do Friday afternoon presentations.

Potluck dinner would be at 6:00 followed by icebreaker exercises led by John Shuford and Deborah Bromiley of Raleigh Meeting.

The basic Saturday schedule from last year will be maintained. Two blocks of adult programming will have to be filled in.

Theme-wise, there is interest in Quaker history and the challenges of how to live our lives being a Quaker witness in these times. The theme can be “Learning from the Past and Facing the Present.”

Saturday evening will be informal with fellowship, games and singing since this worked well in 2019.

The Sunday schedule will be the same as last year which worked well, and we finished our business by around 1:30.

In friendship

Bill Moore

Clerk Piedmont Friends Fellowship