Overview of Piedmont Friends Fellowship

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Piedmont Friends Fellowship (PFF) is a collective of Friends (Quaker) Meetings and Worship Groups in North Carolina and nearby areas that gathers for worship and fellowship both in the spring and the fall. 

PFF had its beginnings in 1968 and is a member of Friends General Conference.  Member meetings in PFF may also be affiliated with Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative), North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM), while some PFF meetings may be otherwise independent.

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PFF Contact Information

PFF Clerk:

(2019-2022) Bill Moore (Raleigh Friends Mtg)

625 Tower Street,
Raleigh, NC 27607

PFF Recording Clerk:

(2016-2021) John Cardarelli (Salem Creek Meeting)

PFF Treasurer:

(2019-2020) Dick Connell (Salem Creek Meeting)

1698 River Rd,
Dobson, NC 27017