Overview of Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting

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Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting (PFYM) is a Quaker yearly meeting that was established in March, 2015.

PFYM member meetings are also members of Piedmont Friends Fellowship (PFF) and share an annual meeting date and associated social concerns and program events.

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PFYM Contact information
  • Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting
    Send Email to: pfymclerk@gmail.com
  • PFYM C0-Clerks:
    (2020- 2022); Sally Freeman & Paul Klever (Eno Friends Meeting of Hillsborough)
  • PFYM Recording Clerk: (2019-2021)
    Ann Miller (Chapel Hill Friends Meeting)
  • PFYM Web Friend:
    Bill Moore (Raleigh Friends Meeting); bill@nzmoore.com