Minutes of PFYM Interim Meetings

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Minutes from PFYM Interim meetings

As described in the Handbook:


The relationship between the PFYM Annual Sessions and PFYM Interim Meeting is reciprocal. PFYM Interim Meeting will continue the work of the Yearly Meeting between Annual Sessions, address issues needing a timely response, and consider and season matters for the next Annual Sessions. PFYM, in Annual Session, can assign tasks to Interim Meeting; Interim Meeting can prepare recommendations to present to PFYM Annual Sessions.

Composition of Interim Meeting

  1. Interim Meeting will consist of the officers of PFYM, clerks of standing PFYM committees, clerks of PFYM-appointed working groups, and representatives of constituent monthly meetings and worship groups.
  2. Interim Meeting will convene three times each year and may in addition hold meetings as necessary when called by Executive Committee.
  3. Individuals to coordinate with PFF Representative Bodywill be jointly determined with PFF.
  4. All members and attenders within PFF monthly meetings and worship groups are welcome to participate as led