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Social Media Beyond Facebook

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Does your meeting want to go beyond Facebook and become more active on social media?  Are you curious about what other meetings are doing outside of their Cloud sites?  You might be surprised at some of the places we have found Quakers popping up on social media!


Yelp is known as a place where people often rate restaurants and businesses.  Millions of people visit this site to decide where they want to spend their time and money.  Anyone can write a Yelp review about anything; someone you’ve never met could write a review about your meeting.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor also allows people to review and rate places, particularly around travel.  If your meetinghouse has a special feature that might make it a tourist destination, you might be on Trip Advisor!

Meetup is used by people who have similar interests so that they can find each other.  Friends use Meetup to let others know about worship times and activities.  It can be a tool to bring in Seekers and new Attenders to your meeting.

Does your meeting have experience with any of these?  Are there other places where you’ve seen Quakers online?  Share your comments below.


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