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Approved Contributor Toolkit

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The Basics

  • This page will cover the basics of what you need to know in order to be an effecitve Contributor on behalf of CPMM.
  • This is a position of trust; if you are a Contributor for your committee(s), then you have a responsibility to act in the best interest of CPMM since this website is our public face to the world.
  • This page will help teach you the basics of how to post content.

Posting Content

  • "When should I publish an 'About', 'News', 'Event', 'Resources', or 'Community' post?"
  • "How do I create a new post?"
  • "What are H2, H3, etc.?"
    • "H" stands for "Header" and they represent a very specific way of structuring a post.
    • They act like paragraph headers in a regular word document, but using them in a post helps the search engine in Quaker Cloud work more efficiently.
    • They also help add a visual structure to your document so it's easier for people to read.
    • You can see the use of headers through out this post such as "Posting Content" (which is H2) and "Adding Cool Stuff to Posts" (which is H3).
    • Headers are hierarchical just like a bullet or number list is hierarchical.

Adding Cool Stuff to Posts

Editing Content

  • "Once I post something, how do I edit it?"
  • "Can anyone else edit my posts?"
    • Yes, any of the website Administrators (Webmeister, Meeting Secretary, and CPMM New Coordinator) can edit or remove your posts.
    • At most a website Administrator will edit your posts if they see spelling, punctuation, or other minor typographical errors, but will most likely not change the content.
    • If the content is poorly formatted for the web (e.g., a long and rambling missive about your personal perspective on a particular topic with long paragraphs and run on sentences) the CPMM News Coordinator will ask you to revise your content.
    • Other Contributors or website members can't edit your posts.

Deleting Content

  • "How can I delete a post I created?"
  • "Can anyone else delete my posts?"
    • Yes, Administrators can and will delete your content if it violates the CPMM Quaker Cloud Policy.
    • Other Contributors or website members cannot delete your content.


Additional Resources

Blogs to Help You Make the World a Better Place

  • Community Organizer 2.0 - a blog to help you get started with web 2.0 and organizing grassroots movements.
  • Organizing 2.0 - A digital empowerment group offering training and blog articles on digital organization.
  • - A blog and knowledge base of particaptive change management.

Tutorials on Free Web 2.0 Tools