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How to Create a Quaker Cloud Post

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  • It is recommended that you type your post in a word processor with spelling and grammar check prior to creating your post.
    • Avoid fancy formatting; stick to numbered and bulleted lists and the other formatting available in the Quaker Cloud.
    • Once your post is published, direct others to your online post; do not send them the word processing file.
  • Carefully consider the level of visibility you want your post to have; ask yourself, "Is my audience people at my meeting, other Quakers, or the whole world?"
  • Remember¬†writing effectively for the web¬†is different from writing an essay or novel; keep it short and easy to scan.

Before You Start

  • You must have the right level of posting privileges assigned to you by your Quaker Cloud administrator.
  • Draft your post and proof it carefully before posting to the Quaker Cloud.


  • Watch the video to your right for a brief tutorial on how to create a post.