Wrestling with Faith: A Forum for Spiritual Seekers

People are thinking deeply about what they believe and still have questions. Some people claim they are
spiritual but not religious. Podcasts are built around the idea of deconstructing faith. Unfortunately, it’s
a lonely path. Support is hard to find for those who are questioning what they have been taught. Online
communities provide some support but not in person spiritual community.

This forum will provide an opportunity to consider and discuss your faith (if you want, no pressure) with
other people on a similar spiritual journey. The first session will focus on the process of rethinking your
beliefs. After that, each week will focus on one topic, including the big questions of life such as the
problem of evil and whether God exists. Each session will consist of reviewing early beliefs, the
questions that have arisen, and what your current beliefs are. Lastly, the Quaker hosts will address what
early Quakerism has to say about that topic, so you can consider how that meshes (or doesn’t) with your
own beliefs.

Quakerism was formed in 1650s in England by spiritual seekers, people who were wrestling their own
faith. Some of their answers may still be relevant, and some may not. Today’s Quakers don’t always
agree and still wrestle with many of these issues.

The forum will be hosted by Plainfield Quakers. You are welcome to attend silent worship with the
Quakers at 10.30 am in the historic meetinghouse and stay for the Forum. Or you can just attend the
Forum, which starts at 12 noon with a light lunch.

Please register for the forum by clicking on this Eventbrite link or by emailing
clerk@plainfieldquakers.org so that the hosts can plan for the lunch. There is no cost to attend, but
donations are accepted.

Tentative schedule (Second and Fourth Sundays of the month, skipping Easter)

  • April 23: The deconstruction faith journey with Special Guest, Tim Whitaker, from the New Evangelicals
  • Podcast
  • May 14: The problem of evil
  • May 28: Who is God?
  • June 11: Who is Jesus?
Sunday, April 23, 2023 - 10:30am
Quaker Meeting House
225 Watchung Avenue
Plainfield,, NJ
United States
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