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Raleigh Friends Meeting is virtual

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Raleigh Friends Meeting is closing the building as of 5pm/Saturday/March 14, 2020

After a specially called emergency meeting for business (via Zoom) this evening, and through our discernment process, we have come to the painful decision to close the Meetinghouse until further notice due to the Covid-19/Corona Virus outbreak.  This is not a decision we made lightly.  The RFM community is important to all of us collectively and each of us individually.  We must err on the side of caution and vigilance to protect our each other and our community.
For the next while, we will not hold Meeting for Worship, Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, nor any RFM committee meetings at the Meetinghouse.  All scheduled events and users usage will also be cancelled as of 5pm tomorrow/Saturday 3/14/2020.  
We are mindful of how this impacts each of us, and those that use our House. Every consideration will be given so as to minimize the financial impact of this decision.
Please hold the Meeting and our community in the Light.  We need to be in touch with one another.  We are holding virtual Meetings for Worship, Committee meetings, etc., either via phone or online.  Isolation is a scary place to be so let's focus on keeping our community connected; look in on F/friends, loved ones, and those that are most affected by this situation.
We will continue to think about ways to connect, what we may have forgotten to cover during this hiatus, etc., in the next while.  
If you are in need of anything, remember we are still here as a community.  Please reach out.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our co-clerks, or members of Ministry and Counsel.  If you need access to the Meetinghouse after 5pm tomorrow/Saturday, please also let us know.
And remember, Spirit is accessible everywhere.
Yours In the Light,
Deborah Bromiley
on behalf of RFM Ministry and Counsel