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An explanation of our Black Lives Matter sign

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Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Raleigh Friends Meeting shares the following minute explaining RFM's decision to display a Black Lives Matter sign in our front yard.
In living our values and principles, Quakers have had a long standing commitment to peace and social justice issues. Quakers recognize that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, which is why we continue to support civil and human rights struggles.

Following the lead of the American Friends Service Committee(AFSC), Raleigh Friends Meeting agrees that Movement for Black Lives Platform is aligned with our values and with the work of AFSC in "building peace, immigrant rights, addressing prisons, just economies, and ending racism and discrimination.”

In support of these leadings, Raleigh Friends Meeting have given thoughtful consideration to the proposal to install a Black Lives Matter sign in our front yard. Some Friends have expressed that we are concerned about all human lives. Given the history of race relations in our nation and the events unfolding today, we have decided that is appropriate to exhibit a Black Lives Matter sign in our yard.