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Minute on Becoming an Anti-racist Faith Community

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Minute on Becoming an Anti-racist Faith Community

Adopted 7/21/2019

Raleigh Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Responding to and inspired by Friends General Conference’s report on racism, Raleigh Friends Meeting(RFM) commits to becoming an anti-racist faith community. In making this decision we are acknowledging that systemic racism and white privilege are long-standing and continuing problems in American society. As part of that society, we recognize that as individuals and Quakers we have too often been blind to our own failings and to the part we play in perpetuating racism and white privilege.


In committing to the work of becoming anti-racist we know that confronting our failures will be difficult and painful. Guided by faith and grace, we are willing to accept this challenge and to do the necessary work. We see this work as essential if we are truly to live our Quaker testimonies and recognize that of God in everyone.  As part of the work of becoming an anti-racist community and institution RFM will ask committees and business meetings to use the query, “How does this decision support RFM in its goal to transform into an actively anti-racist faith community?” whenever we make a decision.