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Minute supporting the NC Inquiry on Torture

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NC Inquiry onTorture
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The following minute was approved on August 20, 2017

As Quakers, we seek a world at peace and free of cruelty. Torture is inhumane, immoral, illegal, and ineffective.  The U.S. policy on torture must be kept consistent, not only with our nation’s laws, but also with such international standards as the Geneva Conventions and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.   Raleigh Friends Meeting supports the faithful work of the NC Commission of Inquiry on Torture.  [] as it seeks to investigate and establish public accountability for North Carolina’s role in covert acts of detention and torture following the attacks on 9/11. We call upon Gov. Cooper and NC Attorney General Josh Stein to support this effort by complying with NC-CIT’s public records request for information concerning use of North Carolina’s aviation infrastructure in said covert activity.