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Second Hours

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Depending on which week of the month it is, there is usually an optional activity during Second Hour starting at about 11:20. These may include adult education topics, discussion, an intergenerational Faith and Play story, Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, an invited speaker, or a potluck. The subject is almost always announced at the rise of Meeting for Worship. Visitors are welcome to stay.

Adult Religious Education 

"Second Hour" programs often involve presentations or discussions related to spiritual growth, the Quaker Testimonies, or ways to better various aspects of our world or community.  One week each month is devoted to a discussion of a set of Queries from our Faith and Practice book.

Meeting for Business

Second Hour of the third First Day of each month is always reserved for "Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business" (or just "Meeting for Business" for short). This is the time when Friends meet to discern a "sense of the Meeting." In other words, we gather in worship to find what it is that God calls us to decide and do. We make decisions in worship, waiting for concensus to develop. We wait until the concensus has a feeling of rightness to all members present. It is the role of our Clerk to recognize and restate our consensus in words, seeking always to make sure that each member has had a chance to be heard and that none feel a prompting to oppose the decision. The Clerk asks for reports from the Treasurer, the convenors of various committees, and the Clerk of Ministry and Counsel (an over-sight committee). Meeting for Business is a serious, but fascinating process. It can take a lot of time although we are usually done in about 90 minutes.

Loaves and Fishes Potluck

During the Second Hour of the fifth First Day, Friends join together for a potluck and fellowship.  Everyone is welcome to dine with us.  Friends bringing food are requested to identify ingredients for our Friends with dairy, gluten, and meat restrictions.

Calendar of Second Hours

A calendar of events, including Second Hours, is found on our Meeting Calendar page.  Our Calendar of Second Hours lists the upcoming topics.


Upcoming Topics and Other Events

Calendar of Second Hours contains the topics of upcoming Second Hours, and Meeting Calendar lists all upcoming events.

Past Second Hours

A listing of past Second Hours (and all of the meeting's other activities) may be found at