Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Meeting for worship - Again meeting in the meetinghouse. Facemasks and social distancing encouraged.

Getting started on the website

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Click on the link to get an explanation of how this website is organized.

On the blue line above you will see the various sections of this website.

For visitors new to Friends or curious about Carlisle Monthly Meeting, you will probably want to start with the About section.

The Home section contains a few items like this post that we want people to notice.  

The News section contains various announcements and news articles on the website that might be of interest to Friends and Friends in Carlisle.

The Events section contains meeting events as well as local events of interest to Friends in Carlisle.

The Resources section contains links to various Quaker sites.  We've tried to organize them according to subcategories like "Quaker Umbrella Organizations," "Quaker Publications," "Quaker Blogs," etc.  Each of these in turn contain their own links.  Hopefully they are of use to Friends of the meeting and give visitors a better  idea of the variety of Friends activities.

The Community section is a place where members of the meeting can make postings that invite feedback from other members of the meeting or from visitors.  This website is new and this section in particular is still being worked out.

For members and attenders of the meeting who are just getting started, if you want to post to the website or view minutes from business meeting, you need to be an online  member of Carlisle Meeting.  See the "Getting started on the web" post to the right under "Related."

if you have comments or suggestions about this website, you can email us at