Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Meeting for worship - Moving from zoom to the backyard this Sunday. Facemasks and social distancing encouraged.

Links to Quaker blogs

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QuakerQuaker - this is a compilation of selected posts from the wider Quaker world.  From Martin Kelly of Friends Journal

Chuck Fager's blog Chuck led a program at meeting a few years back and we have used some of his writing when studying the Quaker peace testimony.  Something of a Quaker iconoclast, which is why we love him.

Marcelle Martin's website Marcelle led a meeting retreat a few years back.  Helped organize and wrote a Pendle Hill pamphlet on extended (as in 2-3 hours) meetings for worship, which at least one person at Carlisle misses.

Peter Blood's website - Peter put together the songbook Rise Up Singing and has a new one out in 2014.  Has done as much as anyone to bring singing to unprogrammed Friends. Also helped put together Quakerism 101.

Micah Bales website - Micah spoke at Quarterly Meeting.  He has started a Christ-centered meeting in Washington linked to Ohio Conservative Yearly Meeting.

Johan Maurer's website - Johan is the former executive director of Right Sharing of World Resources and Friends United Meeting

Two more sources for various Quaker blogs: the Wider Quaker Fellowship and QUIP (Quakers united in publishing)

The Armchair Theologian - I don't know this guy (William Heath from Bath meeting) but his blog looks interesting.