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Announcements after Worship 6-25-23

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Meeting Announcements

Links in announcements below are to webpages, not Zoom links.

From the Religious Education Committee:

  • Monday June 26, 7:00 pm, Spiritual Journey Group Sharing:  (Zoom link in calendar above). Our focus will be on the spiritual journey, but it will include all who are present. Each is invited to share with those present why a particular individual has had an enormous impact on your life. Think of it as a chance to pass on to others something of this person's unquenchable spirit.

  • Sunday July 2, 10:30 AM Children's Program Resumes. For safety reasons a second adult must be present. Contact Judy Mott, Susan Adams, or Charlie Finn to sign up for a Sunday morning. It’s a great way to get to know our children!


Sunday, July 2, First Sunday Meeting Potluck after the rise of Meeting for Worship, Friends will gather for a potluck. Bring a dish to share if you are able. If not, please come anyway! Just don't miss it!


Our Summer Newsletter, “Seasoned Greetings” is out and available on our website.HERE.


Help Our Meeting Be a WVTF-FM Day Sponsor: Many people in the Roanoke Quaker Meeting support WVTF-FM, the local NPR station, financially.  Our Outreach Committee would like to invite you to send your checks to the Meeting Assistant Treasurer.  Please make checks out to “Roanoke Quaker Meeting” and please earmark them as “WVTF-FM contribution”.  If we bundle together several checks, we can send them to WVTF-FM as one contribution and be listed as a sponsor of their programming.  We would get an online blurb, "This program is sponsored by the Roanoke Quaker Meeting", along with our website.  It's good outreach.  Please send checks to ​​Letty Collins, 8017 Goose Creek Valley, Montvale, VA 24122. (This is a correction from previous weeks; please send deposits and contributions to Letty Collins, not Otis Kenny.)


Lynchburg Friends Update: Quakers in Lynchburg have a change of venue. We continue to meet for worship on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, but at the Summit chapel at 1400 Enterprise Drive. The chapel is accessible with convenient parking, restaurants within walking distance, a place for potlucks. And a covered porch for conversation after Meeting. Y'all come! .


Books for the Roanoke City Jail: Our local Roanoke City Jail has a library and a librarian. Many of those held in the jail have not yet been tried (they’re on remand) but they may be held there for weeks or even months. Sue Williams is in contact with the jail’s librarian. The only reading materials currently available are those donated, usually used, whether paperback books or magazines. Sue will receive donations or even collect them and deliver them to the jail librarian. There are discussions to try to set up a way that our Peace & Social Justice Committee can donate money to enable the librarian to meet needs she sees or that inmates bring to her. Contact Sue Williams.

Shakespeare Play in Staunton: Could we gather a group to see a matinee this summer at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton? We could carpool and afterward possibly have a bite to eat. We have 2 choices: Measure for Measure (Sun 7/2, Sat 7/8, Sun 7/9, Sun 7/23, Sat 8/12), and Much Ado About Nothing (Sat 8/5, Sun 8/13) (both excellent plays!). Tickets are roughly $30+ to $50+. If there are 10 people, we can get a group rate. If you are interested, please contact Judy Hopping.


Groceries Not Guns Successful: Yesterday, June 24, Roanoke had its third annual gun buyback. Special thanks for our Quaker Meeting’s involvement with this project and to all the Friends who supported this event either with financial donations or by volunteering to help in-person. Those who were there got to meet new people and see our gun buyback efforts in action. As one Friend said, “It may be several years before a person who traded a gun for gift cards realizes the meaning of what they have done.”


Helping with Sunday Worship in July: If you can help in July with the tasks around convening Sunday worship, either on Zoom or in-person, please contact Mike Heller.


Serving Spoons Left at the Summer Solstice Celebration: Two serving spoons were left at the Summer Solstice Celebration. Please pick these up at the meetinghouse. They are just inside the kitchen door, on the right in the basket.


From the Announcement Team:  Please send submissions to these announcements to by Saturday to be included in Sunday’s announcements. 


Other Announcements:

Sue Williams Invites Manuscript Help: Sue is working on a manuscript of stories which might become another Pendle Hill pamphlet. If you would like to read the manuscript and let her know what is clear or what might need clarification, please contact Sue.   


School of the Spirit is now taking applications for its second version of Participating in God's Power. This year-long program, which starts in February, is an opportunity for Friends who hunger for a deeper spiritual connection to go deep with other Friends who share that hunger. For more information about this program you can click here and read all about it. Our Meeting has funds available to help Friends take courses like this.


The FGC Gathering is still open and you are invited.  The Gathering will be in-person at Western Oregon University, July 2nd - 8th.   Register Here.  For more information click here or go to the FGC website


FGC, Virtual Gathering "Listen so that we may Live" - July 2-8 - For those unable to travel to Monmouth, Oregon, there is an online option. Click the link above to register to receive all the Zoom links and for a detailed schedule. The schedule available is Bible Half Hour at 8 AM, Monday through Friday; Evening programs on M,W,F, and daily worship sharing with the same group each day. $100 donation  is suggested, however, it is “pay as you are led.” (Sharon Custer-Boggess)

Joys and Concerns, Prayer Requests, and Gratitude



  • bluebirds fledging and leaving the nest

  • helping good friends move, but sadness about their leaving

  • Jennifer Murdock becoming a newly minted Virginia Master Naturalist, and looking forward to volunteering in projects to protect and promote our natural environment



  •  noting the changes we have been going through (Joy Syvester-Johnson)



  • for the much needed rain and Sunday’s sunshine

  • for the Summer Solstice Celebration

  • for the flowers, and for the birds and squirrels who planted them

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Shared after Worship:


from Susan Adams: 

A new word: Gladitude, for feeling grateful and happy. (from 6-18-23)


from Joy Syvester-Johnson:

I’m cracked open now 

No longer drifting 

Running past their hate and mine 

Tipping past “Come here, gal!”…  

I’m cracked open now 

looking for myself,  

Maybe I spilled into the cleft of the rock Hiding from the slave catching dogs 

Maybe I died trying too hard 

To birth myself sane 

I’m cracked, not broken 

Still searching for me 

Amid the shards of God’s broken heart.

from Barbara A. Holmes’s Joy Unspeakable


Submitted by Patsy Martin and Mike Heller

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