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Invitation to BYM Annual Sessions

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Dear BYM Monthly Meetings,

Greetings from the Baltimore Yearly Meeting office in Sandy Spring, Maryland! On behalf of BYM’s Presiding Clerk, Steph Bean; the Clerk of the Program Committee, Linda Coates; and our Annual Session Registrar, Barb Platt - I am reaching out to Monthly Meetings to remind you about registration for Annual Sessions.

Annual Sessions will take place July 31 – August 6 at Hood College in Frederick, MD. Registration for attending Annual Session in-person ends on Friday, July 21st. Friends can register online or by calling Lucy Azenga, BYM Administrative Assistant, at 301-658-6797.

All of the exciting details about Annual Session can be found here on the BYM website. The Spring Interchange newsletter, in particular, gives the details on our schedule, retreat, workshops, plenaries, and other aspects of Annual Session. Annual Session is the time each year we gather from across our region to do the Business of our Yearly Meeting – but also a time to gather for Quaker fellowship, spiritual deepening, educational workshops, and new friendships. Children’s programming is offered for young people ages birth through high school through our Junior Yearly Meeting and Young Friends programs. Elementary age children stay free of charge, and registration fees for adults and older children are pay as led. And if you haven’t seen the brand new dorm we use at Hood College – you’re in for a treat. They are fully handicap accessible, individually climate controlled, “suite style” rooms – no walking down a hallway in your bathrobe required!

Can you help make sure Friends in your Meeting knows about Annual Session? We hope you will share the details about Annual Session – and perhaps your own experiences attending – with your Meeting verbally and in your email or printed announcements. Steph, Linda, Barb, and I imagine an abundant 2023 Annual Session where every single one of our Monthly Meetings and Local Worshipping Communities is represented in-person in Frederick. Will you or someone from your Meeting be there?

In addition, please remember that we are only able to offer pay as led registration fees due to the generosity of individual Friends AND Monthly Meetings. If we are unable to cover costs, we may not be able to continue to offer the pay as led model in the future. Pay as led financing is successful because Meetings donate directly to BYM funds that you may have used in the past to support individual scholarships within your Meeting. Together as Friends, we make it possible for all of us to gather as a beloved community at Annual Session. 

 If you have any questions about Annual Session, Steph, Linda, Lucy, and I are here to help.

Yours in Friendship & in Service,

Sarah G.  

Sarah M. Gillooly 
General Secretary
Baltimore Yearly Meeting
17100 Quaker Lane
Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860

301-658-3379 (voice and text) 301-774-7663 (BYM office).  301-774-7087 (fax)