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Revised COVID Policy

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The following revision was approved at the April Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business:

· Groups may meet in the meetinghouse without masks. Unvaccinated participants are welcome and are encouraged to wear a mask. Masks will be visibly available in the Meetinghouse. Social distancing is encouraged.

·  When a group is meeting in the Meetinghouse, a window will be cracked to allow free airflow, and one of the overhead fans will be turned on. The window will be closed and locked and the fan turned off before the group leaves the building.

·  Outside Saturday morning worship will continue.

·  If anyone who attends an event at the Meetinghouse should test positive, we request they contact those who were present.

·  As the Meeting becomes aware of changes in the CDC guidelines, Virginia Department of Health guidelines, and current community transmission levels, we will make changes to this policy as necessary.