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Downtown United Presbyterian Church (DUPC), 121 Fitzhugh St N.

5.Privacy Policy

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This website exclusively serves the spiritual life and information needs of the Rochester NY Friends Meeting. 

Privacy Policy & Guidelines approved 04/10/16: 

  1. Restrictions for content on both Public & Private pages:
    1. No content will be posted that advances commerce or personal gain. 
  2. Restrictions for Public Pages:
    1. Content will not contain any personal identification (name, email address, street address, phone, picture) unlessanindividual approves in writing to an Admin.  
  3. Restrictions for Private Pages:
    1. Private pages will not contain any highly confidential information that would be harmful if it became public, because no site can be guaranteed inaccessible from persistent hackers.  
    2. Private pages may include personal information (name, email address, street address, phone, picture).  Examples: news, events, discussions, directory, committee memberships, committee agenda & minutes, photos… Individuals may request that their personal information be withheld, in advance, by writing to an Admin. 
    3. Private pages will not contain photos of minors (children under 18) unless approved by a parent or guardian in writing to an Admin.  
    4. Feelings & opinions will be expressed constructively & respectfully, using the same discernment as when one speaks face-to-face. 
    5. If Pastoral Care and Worship & Ministry committees intend to share confidential personal information, they must use a sub-site that can only be reached by their committee members. 
  4. Response to content not allowed:
    1. Anyone may report violations or concerns to an Admin for action.  
    2. Content in violation will be removed by an Admin without warning. 
    3. Individuals consistently posting unauthorized content will have their account blocked.