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Children's Education Committee

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The mission of the Children’s Education Committee is to provide a structure through which the Meeting’s children are offered a systematic introduction to Quaker principles. The committee’s work includes:

  • Establishing a vibrant, responsive program for children. The Committee offers support to the Meeting’s First Day School, its teachers and volunteers.  Teachers and the Children’s Education Committee formulate the curriculum and carry it out.  At present, the curriculum is based on children’s queries such as Simplicity, Unity with Nature, Peace and Community.
  • Offering care and instruction for three age groups: Babies and Toddlers, Elementary-Age Children, and Teens
  • Providing choices: Committee members, teachers and children themselves select the group they wish to attend. Groups for Babies and Toddlers and for Elementary-Ages are available every week. Teens (grades 8-12) meet once a month on a pre-arranged schedule.
  • Supporting families is a vital part of our mission.  To facilitate family participation in Meeting activities, the committee responds to requests for child care for special Meeting events and for Meeting for Business. Such requests must be made in advance by the committees sponsoring the programs. 
  • Establishing a place for children in our community’s Meeting for Worship: The Children’s Education  Committee, with guidance from the Worship and Ministry Committee, coordinates  the Meeting’s All Ages Meeting for Worship on fifth Sundays of the month. This inclusive Meeting for Worship features quiet children’s activities with musical and storytelling intervals. No child care or First Day School classes are offered on these occasions.
  • Budgeting: The children’s education program is fortunate to have generous annual budgetary allocations from the Meeting that allow us to hire professional teachers and experienced caregivers. It also covers expenses for books, art supplies and other classroom supplies for our three Children’s Education Groups.