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Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends


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The work and much of the fellowship of our community is carried on in committees. We do not employ a paid minister. Committee meetings are usually open and we encourage you to ask about committees that interest you. Formal membership is not a requirement for involvement in most committee work. Below is a short description of each committee, with a link to a longer description. Read more about committees.


Prepares the annual budget and collects from members and attenders funds sufficient to meet the Meeting’s responsibilities, supports its interests and cares for its property.


Maintains and improves the physical property of the Meeting, coordinates work days, and supervises maintenance.


Oversees circulation of books, keeps them in good repair, and selects new materials based on member and attender requests.

Worship and Ministry

Ensures that Meeting for Worship or for Business proceeds on the basis of a silent and attentive search for Divine guidance; prepares the annual Spiritual State of the Meeting report. Committee members must be members of the Religious Society of Friends. For a more descriptive, updated description of the committee, please click on the link below. 


Considers capabilities, experiences, special gifts and talents of members and attenders as well as duties and responsibilities of each committee and office to select friends to serve the Meeting.


Organizes activities that allow us to come to together as a community; provides coffee and snacks at the rise of Meeting; organizes potlucks.

Pastoral Care

Oversees the nurture and support of members and attenders, convening clearness committees for those who need or request them; assists with arrangements at time of death and sees that ill, troubled, or needy Friends are visited. Oversees membership requests. Committee members must be members of the Religious Society of Friends.

Peace and Social Concerns

Ensures that the Meeting makes a suitable contribution to the furtherance of the testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends in the important areas of peace and social concerns. This committee has recently put together a Call for Justice. It can be accessed via the link below. 

Children’s Education

Guides and conducts the formal religious education of the Meeting’s children, enhancing opportunities for them to experience and be guided by the Inner Light, and facilitates intergenerational events and celebrations.

Adult Education

Sponsors monthly programs on topics of interest to our community, presented on First Sunday immediately following Fellowship. Longer half-day or full-day programs are occasionally offered.

Alternatives to Violence

Provides moral, organizational and financial support for community and prison workshops sponsored by the international AVP organization, rooted in Quakerism, that began in New York in the 1970s. 


Builds community through the exchange of information about meeting activities; facilitates Friends working together and knowing each other. It does this by establishing guidelines and overseeing and maintaining the various ways through which the meeting builds community. At present, this comprises a list serve, a newsletter, a website and a directory, all of which are available to any interested Friend, attender or newcomer.

Ad Hoc Welcoming Committee

The ad hoc welcoming committee is responsible for implementing and overseeing a process to create a community where all are welcomed.

Alice Herman Committee

Oversees the Alice Herman bequest.

Sandwich Making for the Homeless

On the 4th Sunday of every month, we prepare sandwiches for the homeless that are distributed at the Ocean Park Community Center.

The Role of the Clerk

In the unprogrammed Quaker tradition, all worship participants – both members and attenders–are potential ministers, led by and open to the presence of the Spirit. While the clerk does not have a special role in meeting for worship, the clerk is appointed by the meeting to conduct meeting for worship on the occasion of business.