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Fellowship Committee

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Fellowship Committee prepares, serves, and cleans up after First Day Fellowship, and also provides some help and supplies for special Meeting events when possible.

The Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Preparing for Fellowship after the Meeting for Worship: Setting out tablecloths and tableware, heating tea water, making coffee and preparing food.
  • Shopping:  The committee meets each week to plan the following week's menu.  The shopper attaches receipts to the reimbursement form, which is signed by the committee clerk.
  • Supporting healthy food choices:  The committee has been urged to simplify its menu, especially on Business Meeting days, when the options often include only crackers, cheese and hummus.  The committee does not spend Meeting funds on meat, because some in our community are vegetarians, and we try when possible to provide at least one gluten-free item.  We welcome menu item donations and serve them even when they include meat.  The committee has been requested by the Meeting to limit sugar, so we do not spend Meeting funds on desserts except for fruit and a monthly birthday cake without icing.  Although we accept limited donated desserts, at parents request, we wait at least 15 minutes after healthier items are served before putting out sweets.
  • Recycling leftovers:  We avoid keeping anything that might not be fresh the following week, sharing our   leftovers with the Meetinghouse’s neighbors.
  • Making conscious choices about disposable items:  We use china and silverware except for Business Meeting days, when we use disposables so that the committee can attend that meeting . We occasionally use disposables on other days when the committee cannot stay on after Fellowship to wash the re-usable china and utensils. 
  • Cleaning up:  The committee is committed to leaving the Meeting House clean and neat for our Resident Friend and our tenants. We check to make sure all lights are off and doors are locked before leaving, unless a special event is scheduled that day.
  • Budgeting: We prepare a budget in the fall for the following year.
  • Organizing special events: Our current contact person for special events is committee member Shelley Blank.