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House Committee

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Our House Committee holds four broad charges: 

  1. To ensure that our Meeting House meets the day-to-day or week-to-week requirements of the various groups who use it. For our own community, it means that the chairs are set-up and the property is presentable for our Sunday Meeting for Worship. For us, our tenant, and our many rental groups, it means that bathroom and kitchen supplies are always stocked; the common-use areas routinely cleaned; and that lights and heat are off and doors locked at the appropriate times. 
  2. To see to the upkeep and improvement of our half-century-year-old Meeting House (built in 1962) and its adjoining property. Although planning of repairs and improvements is done by the committee, the actual work might be performed by committee members, other members of our community, or professionals.
  3. To make and oversee the lease or rental arrangements with the various groups who use our facility.
  4. To serve as our Meeting’s representatives to our neighbors, especially to those few who, at times, feel negatively impacted by our Meeting community or our tenants.

In all four of these areas of responsibility, the House Committee relies on the Friend-in-Residence, an ex-officio member of the committee, to be its point person in handling the day-to-day responsibilities. The committee oversees and supports the Friend-in-Residence, who is selected by the House Committee with the approval of Business Meeting.

Membership on the House Committee is open to any Meeting member or attender—whether handy with a hammer or not—who is dedicated to protecting and improving our Community’s precious physical legacy and home.