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Saratoga Friends Meeting Welcomes You and Your Children

We welcome children of all ages in our worship community, in First Day School (Sunday School), and in Meeting for Worship. Although most children attend First Day School, families may also choose to stay together in worship for the entire hour, or for as long as they can do so comfortably.

All ages worship together for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the meeting hour. Then the First Day School teacher and assistant will stand and lead the children to the First Day School room. Children who will not attend class are expected to stay with their parents. At the end of Meeting for Worship, the First Day School class returns and joins the group for the closing circle. Following announcements, all are welcome to share in light refreshments.


The First Day School Program

The teacher may use a story, discussion, or art project to explore together our basic Quaker principles:

  • God is present in everyone.
  • Worship is a way of being in touch with God.
  • We try to live our lives as testimonies of our faith—in our families, our communities, and the world. These testimonies may be shared under the following headings:

-  Simplicity
-  Peace
-  Integrity
-  Community
-  Equality
-  Stewardship

Children and Meeting for Worship

We realize that Meeting for Worship can be a difficult place to bring children. The quietness of the room seems to magnify their noise and movement. Know that it was that way when we first brought our children, too. For all of us, the experience of worship grows with patience and practice.

“God put the wiggle in children, and if you expect a child to sit still and quiet, you can be sure that’s one time the child will obey God!”

We want to assure you that we value the presence of children in Meeting for Worship. We believe that God is present in everyone, regardless of age. When children join us, our community and our faith are broadened.