Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

How We Function

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The Storrs Friends Meeting has no professional minister, or staff. Everything we do is done by members of our community, volunteering and nominated from within the community. The daily affairs and functions of our community are under the care of designated committees, some following longtime Quaker tradition and practice, others evolving with the times. As a friend in our Meeting once said, "We work like a co-op!"

This means that in the work of the Meeting each one brings their measure of the Inward Light. Any one might be tapped by the Divine to serve the group. As one of the founding 17th century Quakers once said, "There is that of God in every one".

This also means that our method of doing the Meeting's business goes beyond consensus. We hold monthly worship meetings to conduct our business, and try to know where the Divine is leading us in our actions. We find that we're led in clear, powerful and sometimes unexpected ways when there's a sense of unity among those present. An appointed Clerk serves to listen for the sense of the group and, as a seasoned Clerk from Philadelphia once said, "Call it out".

Our Officers and Committees

Clerk of the Meeting is responsible for leading the monthly meeting for worship to conduct business, and communicating with committees in the process of bringing forth business before the whole meeting.The Clerk also serves as main liaison to our outside communities.

Assistant Clerk assists the Clerk in her or his work.

Recording Clerk is responsible for writing up the minutes (actions) of the meeting for worship to conduct business. Works with the Clerk in discerning and articulating the sense and unity of the meeting.

Clerk of Building Use works with groups and individuals outside the meeting community who wish to use the meetinghouse.

Treasurer deposits the income and pays the expenditures approved by the meeting in its annual budget.

Ministry and Counsel Committee is responsible for oversight of the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the meeting and its members. It is composed of the members of the Ministry and Worship and Pastoral Care Committees. 

Ministry and Worship Committee is especially attentive to the quality of worship and the community’s spiritual seeking. It provides guidance on vocal ministry and the spiritual health of the meeting and its members.

Pastoral Care Committee comes to know all of the members of the meeting, to share their joys and sorrows, and to find ways to encourage and help them.

Nominating Committee discerns with Divine guidance on the selection of the officers of the meeting, the membership of the Ministry and Counsel committee and the clerks of many of the committees. Reports the result of this discernment to the monthly meeting for worship to conduct business for its approval or modification.

Witness Support Committee supports individuals in their call to witness the spiritual testimonies in some specific way.

First Day School Committee cares for the spiritual, social and emotional growth of the children of the meeting. Organizes Sunday and general programs.

Finance Committee is responsible for developing the meetings annual budget for presentation to the meeting for business, Oversees the financial health of the meeting

Sacred Space Committee is responsible for the maintenance and routine upkeep of the meetinghouse.

Landscape/Grounds Committee is responsible for maintenance of external grounds and landscaping of the meetinghouse.

Library Committee selects and orders books for the library, and keeps the library and lending process in order.

Communication Committee is responsible for oversight of the website, the meeting’s monthly newsletter, our directory of members and attenders, and public notices of the meeting.

Archives Committee maintains the historical documents of the meeting.