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I-HELP (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program) help the people living on the street.

I-HELP offers safe housing, meals, and connections to community services to homeless people in Tempe. The program is administered by Tempe Community Action Agency (a private, non-profit, charity). There are now seventeen Tempe Faith communities involved with I-HELP. Some of the congregations host the program in their buildings, some supply the meals, some do both.

Tempe Quakers provide evening meals the first Friday of each month at University Presbyterian Church, 139 E. Alameda Drive, Tempe. We generally start preparing food about 5 PM.

If you have an interest in our efforts we invite you to "come and see."  Contact Ruth Kearns, Tempe Quakers at 480-831-3351 or (remove the nospam from the address).



Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) is a voluntary visitation program to Federal and Military prisoners throughout the United States. It has been functioning with volunteers for 34 years. The primary focus is on those prisoners who:

  • do not ordinarily receive visits from family and friends,

  • want or need supportive human contact,

  • are in solitary confinement or on death row,

  • or are serving long sentences.

PVS offers friendship and a listening ear to help prisoners prepare to assume a useful place in society.

Four members of Tempe Friends Meeting visit prisoners at the Phoenix Federal Correctional Institution north of Phoenix (just south of Anthem) once a month. Other Friends in Tucson visit federal prisons near them. We are planning to have a presentation about this at Tempe Friends Meeting in the Fall.

For additional information, see the website