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2019 Annual Report

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2019 was another fulfilling year at Unami Monthly Meeting.

The spirit of our meeting presented itself with thoughtful pre-meeting events sponsored by Worship and Ministry and Peace and Social Concerns. A Quaker Reading Group met regularly to discuss selected Pendle Hill Pamphlets and other inspirational reading. This year Unami lifted two Meeting concerns: Climate Change and Unami Outreach. Our Climate Change concerns were addressed with three Climate Change information sessions led by John Munro, environmental scientist/educator and a Sustainable Agriculture discussion led by Chuck Nolan. Our sessions also spoke to Unami Outreach, since members of the community and Abington Quarter attended some of the sessions. Our Outreach included a start of the Unami Quaker Cloud website, which at this point is in its infancy. We have a site up and running. We now have an official committee to take up future website updates. We had an outreach event with United Friends School: a Meeting for Worship at Unami and potluck. This was well attended.