USQM Creative Hands Gathering - July 2017

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Upper Susquehanna Quarterly Meeting

Creative Hands Gathering

Saturday & Sunday -  July 22nd & 23rd

Lynne Graham and Bryn Hammarstrom’s house

39 Chatham Valley Lane

Middlebury Center, PA 16935



Come join Friends of all ages for an hour or two or a whole weekend of fun with crafts at the home of Lynne Graham and Bryn Hammarstrom in Tioga County, PA. The group project will be Shibori Dyeing. No experience is needed and kids of all ages are welcome. Friendly lessons and project help will be available all day.

If you can't join us but would like to see some of the projects we are interested in check out our Pinterest page

This weekend is the start of the Endless Mountain Music Festival. If Friends would like to come Friday night to attend the concert and stay over they are welcome, just let Lynne and Bryn know.



10am-noon –  Getting set up for afternoon dyeing, filling buckets, setting up drying stations, etc.

Noon – potluck – bring a dish to share, place settings will be provided

2pm-5pm – Shibori Dyeing, this is a Japanese technique akin to tie-dye but typically done on white fabric with indigo dye. Here are some links to check it out.


What to Bring – white natural fiber cloth or t-shirt to dye (cotton, hemp, silk, maybe wool?), should be

pre-washed and dried.

                          - rubber gloves

                           -a couple of clothes pins (if you have them)

                           -an apron or coverup if you are the exuberant type

Dye and buckets will be provided. We will be outside if the weather is nice, otherwise in the garage, please keep an eye on the weather and bring appropriate clothes.

6:30pm – a simple meal for supper will be provided

After supper -  a relaxed evening, possibly a movie or book discussion


8:30am blueberry pancake breakfast

11am Meeting for Worship

Noon – potluck lunch

1:30pm – finishing up any projects and getting packed up

If you would like to stay overnight there are a limited number of beds/mattresses on the floor available and plenty of camping and parking space. Please let Lynne Graham know if you plan to stay over / 570-376-5176 or if you need directions. Children of all ages are welcome to come participate in the activities!  For more info on the weekend activities or information call Beth Higginson 570-324-2470 or email at

Shibori Dyeing Information from Beth

For those of you who are chomping at the bit here are some thoughts on what to bring to the gathering. Indigo dye does best with natural fibers - so, cotton, wool, possibly silk (I have read different things, if you are interested please do some research, I did not have a scrap to experiment with), linen? T-shirts may be the easiest, just make sure they are 100% cotton. You could also do fabric for a pillow, scarf, towel or wall hanging. Indigo does not chemically bond with fibers it mechanically gets in between them and sticks (in technical terms:) so things will fade with repeated washings, just like your jeans. Certainly you can bring yarn or fleece to dye.

Let me know if you want heavier fabric, like for a pillow, and I can get it where I work. I can do a run to Joann's or Kmart for T-shirts just let me know what size. I highly recommend bringing some gloves! Undyed yarn can be purchased on-line at either Knitpicks or Webs ., where I got the dye also has lots of blank items to dye, skirts, sundresses, etc. 

Here are some web sites to look at: 

I will bring a dowel and some blocks of wood, can lids, etc for us to play with.