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General Queries: Friends have assessed the state of our religious society through the use of queries since the time of George Fox. Meetings use queries as a guide for self-examination, as a framework for periodically examining, clarifying and prayerfully considering the direction of our individual lives and the life of the meet-ing community. 

The following general queries are arranged in sets by topic. Each set includes queries for the meeting and for the individual, the latter printed in italics.  

General Queries

1. Deepening Our Faith: Meeting for Worship

2. Deepening Our Faith: Meeting for Business

3. Deepening Our Faith: Spiritual Nurture

4. Nurturing Our Community: Care for the Meeting

5. Nurturing Our Community: Religious Education in the Home and Meeting

6. Nurturing Our Community: Stewardship of Resources

7. Grounding for Transformed Lives: Peace and Alternatives to Violence

8. Grounding for Transformed Lives: Integrity and Simplicity

9. Grounding for Transformed Lives: Equality and Justice

10. Witnessing in the World: Ministry of Outreach

11. Witnessing in the World: Education

12. Witnessing in the World: Witness and Civic Responsibility