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Announcements 7-23-2017

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  1. Southern Empowerment (SOCM) 45th Anniversary Celebration will occur during their annual member meeting October 7-8, location to be announced.
  2. Family Promise Fund Raiser called the Pasta and Blue Grass Festival will be Aug 26, from 5-7pm at Central Baptist Church in Bearden off Kingston Pike. Tickets for the festival are $10 each.  See Millie Gimmel or Lee Hoefer for tickets, or purchase at the door.
  3. There will be a clerking workshop at Pendle Hill in November. Ministry and Nurture is recommending attendance for those interested. More information can be found on the Pendle Hill website. Meeting can provide scholarships as needed, make requests to a member of the Ministry and Nurture committee.
  4. The clerk will experiment with two options for conduct of Meeting for Business.  July’s meeting will move the agenda review, calendar and announcements to the time normally used for Life of the Meeting at 10am. The September Meeting for Business will move the calendar and announcements to the very end of the business meeting for Worship; the agenda will be presented after the readings and queries.  In addition to these efforts a calendar will be kept current in the main lobby area of the meeting house as a reference and visibility for visitors. The announcements will be added to the website, near the calendar. This will allow more timely access to announcements than posting in the minutes and newsletter only.