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A Banner for Our Meeting -- Second Hour 10/21/2018

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In July, Peace and Social Concerns asked Meeting to consider having a banner for West Knoxville Friends to display at rallies, marches, and other such events.  The original idea was to convey a message to participants, advocates of contrary positions, and bystanders to pursue peace in a peaceable way. PSC saw a need to have a calm, respectful presence at such events to remind all to practice nonviolent thoughts, speech, and actions even as we stand against war, injustice, and hatred.  

A second purpose emerged at our first Second Hour gathering in August to discern what an appropriate banner might look like.  We seemed in agreement it would be a good idea to include our Meeting name and website as an invitation to people who might be interested in visiting. 

Notes from this Second Hour are attached along with examples of banners we looked over and a couple of draft banners we imagined.

West Knoxville Friends will take up the question of whether to proceed with a banner and what that would look like during Second Hour as we share our third-Sunday Potluck on Sunday, October 21, beginning at about 12 noon in the fellowship room.  We also need to discern the process of deciding who be responsible for deciding to take the banner to a given event: Peace & Social Concerns?  Meeting as a whole?  Individual Friends?

Please come if you can and bring your ideas for an appropriate banner. All welcomed!