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Starting the Year with Gratitude

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Dear Friends,

On many First Days we have a second hour after our time in Silent Worship. January 16, 2022 our second hour was spent in gratitude and holding Friends in the Light.  The joys, challenges, gratitude, and requests for healing needs were especially meaningful to Friends as our time for celebrating and sharing can be pushed aside in our busy secular and spiritual lives.

Setting our intention on joy and gratitude helped us come closer in community. We were reminded how shared sorrows and mindfulness of the challenges each individual faces can help ease a burden. Some shared how they were mearly getting by and showed fortitude until their journey smooths out. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the joys of accomplishment and the gratitude for things not always named.  

These shared joys and requests for uplifting made our community more vibrant and compassionate not only for those attending meeting that day but also those spoken and unspoken needs we held in the Light and those who held us in the LIght from afar. All these things came together to make us feel more connected.  Thank you Friends for your sharing.

One joy of our meeting I would like to add to and remind Friends about is our Library. Over the years Friends have donated treasured books and WKFM has purchased books on many topics. We also maintain a subscription to the Pendle Hill Pamphlets and Friends Journal.  These resources are available to check out from the library. Many of our books have been entered into an online inventory system. If there is a resource you want, the Librarian (Melissa Preast) can let you know if it is available and make a plan to get it to you.  Other books are awaiting inventory and Friends are invited to join the fun of manually entering the books into Library Cat, our on-line system.

As we set our intention on joy and gratitude, we remember our Friends that need attention to healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and hold each one in the Light.

Thank you Friends for your contributions to WFKM which make it a vibrant spiritual community.