Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
a Quaker meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee

Unprogrammed Worship

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We gather at least once a week on Sunday mornings. Sunday is called First Day in Quaker tradition. According to the traditional practice of Friends, worship begins in reverent silence.  There is no ritual, but we are united in a conscious effort to know God, to understand divine purposes, and to bring ourselves into harmony with Spirit in our daily lives.

Silence is not an end to itself.  It is an opportunity to be used.  If we would know its power, we must bring to it an attitude of inner listening, an eagerness, a desire to feel our oneness with God and with each other.

Worship should begin as soon as the group settles into silence.  Out of this silence may come the individual urge to speak, to share with the group some insight or some questioning.

Such words are not an interruption to the silent contemplation:  often related concerns are in the thoughts of different worshippers.  Since we believe there is “that of God in everyone” we feel that God may speak to the group through anyone sharing in the Meeting.

There is no single minister, but each is charged with that responsibility.