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Introduction to a Quaker Memorial Service

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Quakers gather for worship in silent expectation as a memorial to a Friend who has died. We believe that in the silence all people can experience God directly. Our memorial meeting has no pastor, no altar, no sermon, and no choir. Any ministry that occurs comes from those in attendance, including you, who feel led to speak or share a song, or a reading. We encourage sharing any thoughts or stories you have about the Friend we are saying goodbye to, or things that are especially meaningful to you. It is helpful if you stand to speak so that others can hear you better. Please leave a few moments between messages so that all have the opportunity to reflect on the previous message. The memorial service will last approximately an hour, or until all who wish to speak have had a chance to do so. The clerk will close the meeting either by announcing the end of the meeting or by shaking hands.  It is customary to share light refreshments as we mingle and visit after the memorial.