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Pendle Hill Meditation

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Pendle Hill in the Winter

Pendle Hill offers a Morning Meditation Online for Worship in the Barn

For over 90 years, Pendle Hill has held morning worship daily.  A few resident staff continue to gather daily from 8:30am to 9:10am Eastern Time (US & Canada), extending the 90-year-long tradition of daily worship on the Pendle Hill campus. Last Spring, they started an experiment of opening the circle of worship to YOU in your home. There are typically over 100 who gather on any given morning.

To join use the link below in the LINKS section which will take you to their website where you will find access infomration. 

Pendle Hill description of discerning a leading to break the silence.

Brevity, earnestness, sincerity—and frequently a lack of polish—characterize the best Quaker speaking. … [Words] should not break the silence, but continue it. … In a truly gathered meeting, restraint in one’s utterances is often more releasing than are multiplied words. Words that hint at the wonder of God, but that do not attempt to exhaust it, have an open-ended character. In the silences of our hearts the Holy Presence completes the unfinished words far more satisfyingly. Thomas Kelly, 1945 – Extract 59, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith & Practice

Pendle Hill has many educational and informational workshops and publications to inspire the Spirit within.