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Come Join Us! You are welcome are!

West Newton Friends is a Quaker Meeting in Decatur Township, Marion County, Indiana.  It is located on the southwest side of Indianapolis, outside of the Interstate 465 loop just a little way off of Kentucky Avenue (Highway 67).  We have a farm field to the West, a retirement facility to the North, and more farm fields and housing developments nearby.

We are a gathering of people who believe in the early Quaker statement that we are to "walk cheerfully over the earth answering to that of God in every person."  We are eager to learn what Christ has to teach us and to live that out.  We experience a joy filled life in the Spirit as we care about and for each other. And we are fun to be with.

We meet for worship in a circle in our meetingroom (sanctuary).  Our meeting for worship is what Quakers call semi-programmed.  We have no pastor or liturgy.  We members take turns leading worship on a week to week basis, trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us.  We sing songs, we hear each others' joys and concerns, we pray for each other and for wider concerns, we sometimes have a "children's message," and we spend time in unprogrammed worship (also known as waiting worship or silent worship).

Unprogrammed worship is something Quakers (also known as the Religious Society of Friends) have done since our beginning. It is a time where we sit quietly expecting that God will speak directly to us as we put away the "stuff" of everyday life.  Often God will speak to an attender (or more than one) who will then share that message with the rest of us. It's a wonderful, deep experience.

Worship is at 9:30 am and Sunday School (First Day School) for elementary age children follows.  During that time the adults have a time of fellowship and wide ranging discussion.

West Newton Friends Meeting (church) is a Christian fellowship of Quakers, seeking to live in close relationship to God. Because of God's love and grace for each of us and led by Jesus example, we are committed to:

    -support one another in personal trials and celebrations,

    -provide opportunities for growth in the Spirit

    -encourage and prepare each person to use his/her gifts of ministry

    -reach beyond our fellowship and gather others into relationship with God