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We meet in person at the Meetinghouse and on Zoom for hybrid meeting for worship. The Zoom meetingroom opens at 9:15 a.m. The first half hour will be semi-programmed. It begins at 9:30 a.m. 

The second half hour is unprogrammed. It begins at 10:00 a.m. 

The entire Meeting for Worship is recorded and posted on YouTube. 

Friends can join Zoom for the first half hour, the second half hour, or both. You can leave whenever is best for you. Here is the information about attending via Zoom:

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We do have Sunday School at 10:35 on Sunday mornings. Please send an email to get the Zoom link to it if you can't join in person.


West Newton Friends Meeting (church) is a  fellowship of Quakers, seeking to live in close relationship to God. Because of God's love and grace for each of us and led by Jesus' example, we are committed to:

    - welcoming all people regardless of ethnic origin, race, political party, sexual orientation, or gender identity

    - working for peace and equality in our community and world

    - working in our community and schools in whatever ways they think we might be helpful

    - inviting everyone to seek God along with us

You Are Welcome Here!

Meeting Times

9:30 am -- Worship

10:30 -- Coffee and Fellowship

10:45 -- Religious Education for All Ages

What's New

West Newton Friends Meeting

Minute For Peace Around the World



March 20, we signed a "Christian Call for Peace" as found on Friends World Committee for Consultation - FWCC World Office's website. It says:

Christian Call for Peace
We the undersigned say together with many others to the rulers of Russia that invasion and occupation are the opposite of Christ’s universal call to reconciliation and unity.
Jesus emphasised: ‘You shall not kill’.
We call for an immediate ceasefire, with armed conflict replaced by a peacekeeping dialogue.

On Sunday morning, February 27, some of us gathered on Zoom for a time of prayer for peace in Ukraine.  Friends wanted to also provide financial relief to those in need. We checked with our fellow peace church folks, the Mennonites. The Mennonite Central Committee (their equivalent to the AFSC) is accepting donations and working with organizations on the ground in Ukraine to get funds to the people most in need.


On December 5 at 10 am West Newton Friends Meeting will host Tom Roberts, pianist and musician friends who are trumpeters and vocalists, for a performance of Christmas music and readings. This worship service will last approximately one hour. We'll have a brief reception time following meeting for worship.  Members and friends from Valley Mills Meeting and Camby Tabernacle will join us for this service which will be in person and also broadcast via zoom. All are welcome to attend!

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Here are videos of our Meetings for Worship via Zoom. They've all been upoladed to YouTube.


Here's a video of our Meeting for Worship via Zoom. Dan Burger brought the message!


Worship with us!

317-242-9269 (Brent Bill, clerk)
6800 S. Mooresville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46221
United States
Meeting Times: 

9:30 am -- Worship

10:30 -- Coffee and Fellowship

10:45 -- Religious Education for All Ages

Quaker Quote

"Whoever can reconcile this, ‘Resist not evil’, with ‘Resist violence by force’, again, ‘Give also thy other cheek’, with ‘Strike again’; also ‘Love thine enemies’, with ‘Spoil them, make a prey of them, pursue them with fire and the sword’, or, ‘Pray for those that persecute you, and those that calumniate you’, with ‘Persecute them by fines, imprisonments and death itself’, whoever, I say, can find a means to reconcile these things may be supposed also to have found a way to reconcile God with the Devil, Christ with Antichrist, Light with Darkness, and good with evil. But if this be impossible, as indeed it is impossible, so will also the other be impossible, and men do but deceive both themselves and others, while they boldly adventure to establish such absurd and impossible things." -- Robert Barclay, 1678

The quotations used in this space are from Quakers. The quotes will be changed often to give a feeling for the thinking of some of those who passed this way before us and Friends today.