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What Do Quakers Believe?

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Quakers have a wide range of beliefs.

We use a variety of religious languages to
describe our shared experience. We do not
have a creed, but in general we agree that:
Everyone is equal and precious
before God.
All people can have a direct experience
of the Divine, individually and in shared
worship. We have many ways of naming
our experience. Some of them are God,
Christ, Spirit, Inward Teacher, Inward
Light, and Seed, among others.
By whatever name, this experience of
the Divine is universal, ongoing, and
available to everyone.
The life and teachings of Jesus are an
example of faithfulness to God.
Paying attention to and following the
Divine changes us. We try to live out our
convictions every day in our actions.
We look for the Divine in every person
we meet.
Our guiding principle is love.

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