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Children are in the Heart of our Meeting

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The First Day School Committee and Wilton Monthly Meeting are delighted to let you know that, beginning January 29th, 2017 we are offering a new place for children, appropriately, in the heart of meeting for worship.

Any children attending Meeting or First Day School can now choose to sit on a rug on the floor in front of the fireplace, Other children as well as one friendly adult will be there too! In First Day School, the children are each creating a "sit-upon" to make their space their own as well as a bit comfier. We will have a few extras for visitors.

As is our custom at Wilton Meeting, tomorrow being a fifth Sunday of the month, we will have no first day school program. Child care will be provided, but no program. We refer to this as Family First Day, when children are encouraged to remain in Meeting for the entire hour with their family or now, if they prefer with the other children in front of the fireplace.

On other Sundays, we look forward as always to having the children with us for only the first fifteen minutes of meeting for worship, after which they can go into the back for first day school. When our whole community is together is sometimes known as Community Worship, and is the best!

Children now can sit with their young friends for those precious times too.

In Wilton, children are in the heart of Friends Meeting.