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Gun violence is up horribly in many places during the pandemic, including in CT. This is a Gun Buyback project that will get more guns off the street and out of homes where they are no longer wanted. We will actually transform the turned-in guns into garden tools! Would you support us now so we can launch this unique "Gun Buyback Day" in Norwalk, Connecticut? We are the Wilton Quaker Meeting.

We will use a forge to transform the gun and rifle parts into gardening tools! That's as close as you can get to "Swords into Plowshares!" We think this is inspiring and symbolic to transform a weapon of death into a tool of life. It will also symbolize the transformation that is possible if Americans step back from the heated gun debate and try to listen to each other. The forging work is led by Guns to Plowshares Northeast.

We have done the planning work with the Norwalk CT Police Department and the Mayor's office. We are working with the Newtown Action Alliance Foundation who is coordinating the statewide effort and will help us manage our buyback’s funds through their 501c3. We are ready to go on Saturday, October 16, BUT we need the funding for the actual buyback. We estimate $5000 is needed to purchase gift cards for groceries in amounts between $25 and $200 depending on the type of gun turned in. And if we have a huge response from gun owners, we will need even more.

Follow the link below to make a contribution.